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Union Jack Bunting 40m

Union Jack Bunting 40m

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Union Jack Bunting 40m
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Plastic 29x18cm 120 Flags

Description : This is extra large Union Jack bunting for outdoor venues such as garden parties, street parties and large indoor venues to promote functions and also for celebrations. At 130 feet across this huge bunting will accommodate pretty much any space you are wanting to fill. Though the Union Jack is a more popular name for the Union Flag it's only accurately named the Union Jack when it's flown by a vessel. The Union Flag is raised on Government structures and on days marking the birthdays of members of the Royal Family and Remembrance Day. Bunting is extraordinarily adaptable and is repeatedly experienced at Anniversaries, Festivities, Mardi Gras, Fetes, Mother's Day, Easter celebrations, venues, parties, weddings, garden fetes, charity dinners.
UK Union Jack bunting Perfect for street parties, large venues and outdoors 40m long (approx 130ft) plastic flags. (120 Flags) 11.5'' by 7''

Specification : 40m long (approx 130ft) plastic flags. (120 Flags) 11.5'' by 7''