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Scotland St Andrew Flag 5'x3'

Scotland St Andrew Flag 5'x3'

£ 7.99
Scotland St Andrew Flag 5'x3'
REF: AC-9620

Description : The design for the Scottish flag, or the Saltire, was adopted hundreds of years ago during the 15th century. It is made up of a white cross on a field of a blue. The cross represents the cross that St Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland, was crucified on. The Scottish flag is known as Bratach na h-Alba, in Scottish Gaelic and sometimes referred to as Banner o Scotland. This 5'x3' size is a practical and popular purchase for anyone needing the flag of Scotland, either for official use, or for personal display.

Specification : Made from 100% polyester.

In Delivery : 5' x 3' (1.5m x 0.9m) cloth flag with grommets.